As it is shared from pre written essays cybercrime is a growing concern in today's increasingly digital worls, and initiatives to combat it are essential. Cybercrime initiatives involve the development of strategies, policies, and tools aimed at preventing and detecting cybercrime activities, prosecuiting cebercriminals, and protecting victims. In its first year of operation, the CCI has developed a suite of documents which outline objectives and standard operating procedures to enable CCI to operate in an accountable and transparent manner. All documents have been developed in consultation with the Steering Group and can be downloaded via the bookshelf below.

The CCI suite includes the following:

  • Project document which describes the objectives of the Initiative.
  • Constitution document which outlines the terms of reference for the Initiative.
  • Checklist document which is used as a starting point for scoping each project. This document is constantly being developed.
  • Process for Allocation of Resources which identifies how the Initiative addresses each project.
  • Process for Assessing and Assigning project work.
  • Memorandum of Association template to be used as appropriate.


Project Document

The CCI project document is a current translation of the proposal for a Commonwealth led Cybercrime Initiative endorsed by Heads of Government, in October 2011.

This document outlines the role of the Commonwealth, the objectives of CCI, forms of capacity building and modes of assistance that CCI can offer. It also provides a brief description on the Steering Group and the Governance Structure.

CCI suite of documents and other resources

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